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Cargo shipping
The main specialization of our company is international cargo transportation by road. In the event that your company imports or exports goods, and you are in need of vehicles to transport your cargos abroad or into your country, we will gladly offer you the type of vehicles that specifically suit your cargo.

We provide transportation services only with respect to European countries (in part, to Asian countries, such as Turkey or Kazakhstan). 



Types of cargos
Cargos are different, and we ship different types of them:

  • Standard with respect to volume and type;
  • Non-standart in volume and size - oversized;
  • Dangerous in nature - ADR classes 1-5.


Specific transportation routes
Turkey <—> CIS (Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus);
Romania <—> CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan);
Bulgaria <—> CIS (Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan);
Greece <—> CIS countries (Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan);

Moldova <—> Europe (Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria);
Moldova <—> CIS (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan);

Russia <—> Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova.


On these routes we can always promptly provide a truck to transport your cargo.

Type of shipping
As you have probably noticed, we only provide transportions of goods by road, using trucks, which is  the fastest and best in the ratio of time / cost / volume transportation method. Rail or sea freights are not included in our services. (However, we do ship cargos in containers from the port - see below the types of used motor vehicles).

Types of motor transport
Depending on the characteristics of your cargo (type, volume, weight, dimensions), we will provide an optimally suited for a particular shipment vehicle: tilt (86 m3 - 120 m3), refrigerator, allmetal truck, platform, container truck, isotherm truck, Jumbo, tipper, minibus. 

If when filling out the price quote form, you are difficult to determine the type of transport, select the "Unspecified" option – we will call you and will determine the appropriate type with your assistance.




Additional services
Depending on the specific cargo, there is often a need for additional services (for example, depending on the laws of a country through which the cargo is carried), or it may simply be easier for you to use the services of an outside company. So, in addition to the basic services of cargo shipping, we also provide:


  • Customs clearance services (Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova);
  • Escort services;
  • Registration of financial guarantees (Ukraine, Russia).